How is auto sheet metal body made?

Automotive sheet metal parts are mainly divided into the following steps. Of course, this is the most basic process.


Now more and more manufacturers are producing these parts. How to distinguish good from bad is also based on the processing process.


This article explains the production process.


Design drawings

Design drawings come from two sources.

1.The drawings produced by design software are used for mold development.

2.Based on the existing products, they are scanned and modeled, and this data is used to develop molds.

For aftermarket parts, the second one is more


Mold development

For the current automotive sheet metal industry, the core is mold development, mold design, precision, structure, cost, and materials.

Many factors determine whether the stamping effect of the product is good or bad.

The cost of a good mold and a poor mold will differ by ten Times or even more.

Currently, the molds used by mainstream original factories are full-sequence commodity molds,

which means that the product processing process is completed by the mold as much as possible.

This ensures the consistency of the product and puts forward higher requirements for the structural design of the mold. ,

For example flanging, which used to be manually hammered, can now be completed entirely with molds.

For example, the hole in the hood could only be cut by laser in the past, but now it can also be completed with molds.

The price difference of products mainly comes from the mold



The stamping machine applies pressure to the material to plastically deform it to obtain the required shape and precision.

Therefore, it must be equipped with a set of molds (upper mold and lower mold)

the material is placed between them, and the machine applies pressure to make it Deformation,

the reaction force caused by the force exerted on the material during processing, is absorbed by the punch machine body.


Stamping machines generally refer to equipment with a tonnage between 5 tons and 100 tons.

Currently, almost 45T, 60T, 80T, 110T, 160T, 200T, and 260T are used in the automotive industry.

Stamping machines of this specification can meet the production needs of small and medium-sized enterprises and are widely used in automobiles,

home appliances, machinery manufacturing, building materials and other industries.

Medium-sized stamping machines have the characteristics of high production efficiency, high processing accuracy, and good stability.

Therefore, they are also one of the most mainstream stamping machine specifications on the market.


According to the structure, it is also divided into: four-column type, double-column type, and single-column type.


Laser cutting

Laser cutting is used to cut the outer edge of the mold stamping or the inner holes.Currently they are all robot arms.

Since the internal holes are often used for installation and fixation,

Cutting with this laser generally requires cutting fixtures to be fixed to ensure that the position of each hole is accurate.

As mentioned above, the most advanced method at present is to complete the hole positions by the mold.

100% ensure accurate hole position, hole shape and smooth edges


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