Model S Hood


Genuine quality replacement products

  • The greatest aftermarket Auto parts supplier
  • We only develop,produce and sell genuine quality products
  • Mold investment follows the original factory process, and the materials, processing procedures, and manufacturing requirements all follow the original factory process standards
  • We never sell or provide poor quality products

model y fender

How we made genuine quality products close to orignal?

  • Product materials and processing techniques are consistent with the original factory
  • Product development investment is 5-10 times that of ordinary suppliers
  • Our products have sold over 1000,and products with quality problems have been rectified
  • Product packaging  uses US cartons
  • Full compensation for any quality issues

Orignal Standard Mold

  • Mold are the foundation of product quality
  • Currently the aftermarket parts supplier uses simple mold
  • But the original factory use full- sequence high-precision molds.
  • For now, we are one of the few manufacturers that can design and produce the same molds as the original factory

Pro vehicle industry has been 33 years since establishment.

We have been serving customers around the world for 13 years.

Our products focus on auto/motor body parts.

In recent years, we have implemented customized services for customerized design and manufacture sheet Metal/vehicle body process.

The Pro brand means high standards in the industry.

Strict delivery time, excellent quality, Cost performance is our new slogan