TSLMGD -You may see our products and our packaging in your market

TSLMGD is a brand we created for Tesla products in 2018. Genuine quality allows our products to occupy the high-end market. It is the only high-quality product selection in addition to original products.

Our Company

Pro vehicle industry has been 33 years since establishment. We have been serving customers around the world for 13 years. Our products focus on Tesla auto/motor body parts. In recent years, we have implemented customized services for customerized design and manufacture sheet Metal/vehicle body process.

Why Choose Our Auto Body Parts?

How we made genuine quality produts Colse to orignal?


Mold are the foundation of product quality

Currently the aftermarket parts supplier uses simple mold

But the original factory use full- sequence high-precision molds.

For now, we are one of the few manufacturers that can design and produce the same molds as the original factory.

The following is an analysis of the difference between molds from a product perspective.


Because the material stretches during the stamping process.the movement and extent of the materal need to be evaluated during mold design phase.

(2)Product Surface precision

Wrinkles are only a basic requirement for products. The precision of the products surface is the key to measuring the quality of product.

(3)Hole Location

The holes of our products are all completed by punching molds to ensure accurate installation positions.


We use high-precision molds and are close to the original factory process to control each production process. In order to be installed consistently with the original factory

2.Production equipment difference

Frame type stamping equipment, process welding line, all products are inspected by inspection tools

3.Product details

you can compare with original,This is the most intuitive inspection method. You can find that the product is very close to the original manufacturer, but has many differences from other suppliers.

Quality Assurance

  • only sell genuine quality products
  • Full compensation for any quality issues

Pre-sales Service

  • Provide detailed company and product information
  • Fully understand your needs and make relevant suggestions
  • ​Answer your questions about product,price and transportation in time

After-Sales Service

  • Continue to pay attention to your usage and feedback
  • Answer your questions encountered during use in time
  • Solve the problems and make you satisfied


How is auto sheet metal body made?


Please contact us.We will set a preferential price for you based on the quantity you purchase.

We only sell genuine quality products.Full compensation for any quality issues.

Car body panels like fender,hood,door,trunk lid…We sell these parts very well for their genuine quality with low price, many customers repurchase them.

Please contact us for more information.